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Benefits Of NBN For Business

You might have heard in the news about the NBN, which stands for National Broadband Network. All businesses as well as residential homes in Australia will eventually have nbn. Each state and area in Australia has 18 months to do the changeover, once their area has been made available, for both private and business.

You might think, but my phone and internet is working wonderfully, I don’t want to change, believe us, this will provide superfast phone and internet connection that you will wonder how we ever went without it. Times are changing, technology and business is changing all the time, it is the 21st Century and it is such an exciting time of innovation that will make our lives much easier.

Here are just some benefits of the nbn:

1.If you have a business with phone lines, phones systems, internet services, fax machines, eftpos machines and alarm systems, once you change over to nbn you will notice how much faster your internet connection will be, no more drop outs. The nbn migration will mean faster service, therefore faster service for your clients/customers. Customers want everything today, so with nbn you can provide this and also be ahead of your competitors.

2.You will also notice the improved Internet speeds the NBN will offer which currently offer speeds up to 100Mbps/40Mbps which offers fantastic download and upload speeds, far greater than ADSL or ADSL2+. This means that offices can easily share a connection and upload and download content, images quickly and if you have a business in multiple locations, this is an asset for your business, not a liability and makes good economic sense.

3.There will be improved internet reliability, no more drop outs for hours on end. Using fibre to the premises/workplace of the NBN means that the aging copper cabling that runs into your business is no longer required. Brand new fibre optic cable will be installed to your business.

4.Businesses will have the ability to run voice services over the With the improved speeds, your business can carry multiple voice calls over the Internet. This means that you can utilise products like Hosted PBX over your nbn connection.

5.When it comes to video conferencing, the nbn will be of great benefit to your business, as it gives you the ability to run video conferencing over the Internet. This means you can cut down on some travel expenses and host meetings using products like Skype for Business for example.

6.Online Classes, with many schools nowadays using the fibre optic connections, sharing these amongst numerous users means limited internet speed. The NBN will speed up general performance in schools providing access to various online study resources. Students will be able to study from any location; virtual classes will be the norm. The same applies to Universities, no more sitting in on lectures, you can watch from home.

7.Businesses in rural or remote regions will benefit most from the nbn. Internet costs will be cheaper, access will be improved, while speeds will be much faster. Unlike the current system, NBN customers outside the major metropolitan areas will not be charged significantly more for internet access. This also allows Rural businesses access to services like Hosted PBX phone systems.

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8. It will be more efficient for retail operations with nbn. It offers a chance to establish a faster, more efficient online storefront. With the growth of online shopping in Australia, this will be such an asset to many online businesses. This may be a good time for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to consider adding an online component to their business. At the same time, the bandwidth boost from the nbn could offer online retailers the ability to develop more interactive online shopping experiences. With this comes faster speeds which will improve access to cloud-based services, giving small businesses more cost-effective options for software needs.

9. As a business, you will save time and money with high-speed internet allowing you to download large files faster, browse content-heavy websites with less buffering, conduct online research quickly and use internet banking effectively.

10.When it comes to Video, the nbn will be of great benefit; you will be able to experience less buffering and enhanced image quality when video conferencing and business will be able to use HD video to promote your business to potential new customers.

11. Faster broadband allows you to quickly back up large amounts of information using cloud-based storage which you can access anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based storage also makes it much easier to share business documents, photos and presentations with colleagues and clients.

12. If you are a business that exports overseas, with faster internet connection the ability to advertise and communicate with people from all over the world greatly increases. This can bring unexpected opportunities and be a great source of income to small and remote businesses.

If you would like to know how Cloud Telecom can help you connect the nbn to your business, then feel free to visit our website to check out our competitive hosted pbx pricing or call 1800 358 339 for more information.