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Back to Basics: Simple Marketing Tips to Enhance Your Business

Modern marketing techniques can be incredibly advanced and sophisticated. Some companies use complex algorithms and data collection software to create very in-depth marketing campaigns. And while there’s nothing wrong with using these methods to improve your company’s marketing efforts, few business leaders have those sort of resources available to them. Rather, it’s often more beneficial for small companies to focus on getting the basics of digital marketing correct. On that note, today we’ll explain a few simple and relatively inexpensive ways that you can boost your brand online. Check them out here: 

Stick to Meaningful Keywords

Keywords and keyword research have long been best practices associated with digital marketing. However, some businesses still struggle to implement a sound keyword strategy when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). It’s important to optimize keywords that are relevant to your company, that are both simple and specific, and that generate meaningful traffic. Remember, there’s no value in pursuing keywords that don’t actually help to improve the visibility of your company or attract visitors to your site!

Focus on What’s New

Often, the most effective marketing tactics revolve around promoting new products or services. Plain and simple, advertising new items is one of the best ways to get attention online. Loyal customers will likely want to see what you’ve changed, and other consumers may give your business a second look if you’ve made significant alterations. 

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Advertise on Social Media

While it is still possible to create viral content and to reach new customers through “organic” posts on social media, most small businesses have much more success advertising on social media platforms –– specifically Facebook. True, advertising online can be costly, but the investment is often worth the price. 

Post More Often

When was the last time you posted a blog to your site? Or held a free giveaway on a social media account? It’s no surprise that companies that are active online have a better chance of uncovering solid leads and expanding their customer base. Of course, it’s still important to post quality content first and foremost. Still, simply posting with greater regularity will give your fans more reasons to check in with your organization. 


At the end of the day, good marketing is all about connecting buyers and sellers. You don’t have to be a so-called expert to craft marketing materials that resonate with your clientele. Rather, just engaging with your audience –– and reacting to their feedback –– will allow you to provide more meaningful marketing and sales services to them. The fundamentals of good marketing really are that simple!