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Adding Modern Technology to Your Classic Car

Restoring a classic car, whether it’s a snappy 1965 Ford Mustang or a 1970’s muscle car, is a popular pastime. For some, it’s the nostalgia of a favorite time in their lives or their love of automotive history. For others, it’s because they enjoy classic car rallies and the camaraderie of sharing their interest in cars with friends. In the past, anyone restoring a classic vehicle focused on restoring it to its original glory. 

The downside to traditional restoration is having to forgo modern automobile technological developments that improve comfort and safety. Some restoration shops have offered to add modern technology to a restored automobile in recent years. This combines beauty, comfort, and security with respect for the tradition and history of the car itself. These alterations are often referred to as restomods or pro-touring cars.

Why is Restomods So Popular?

Classic cars are luxurious and impressive. They are also challenging to drive. They’re far heavier, don’t have power steering, and often have drum brakes that aren’t as responsive as today’s disc brakes. With today’s automobile technology modifications, older cars become safer, easier to handle, and more fuel-efficient. If you love to drive your classic car regularly, restomods make it more enjoyable. 

Restomods are also more affordable. Original parts for cars over fifty years old can be difficult, if not impossible, to locate. When found, they’re often in poor condition. Using modern parts is more affordable and less complicated. It also increases the car’s value for some vehicles because repairs and parts replacement are more straightforward.

Restomods focus on restoring the car while adding modern conveniences. They are focused on comfort, safety, and ease of driving. Most people paying for a restomod will be driving their vehicle under typical driving conditions. The most popular modern technologies used for restomods are modern brake systems, fuel-efficiency modifications, power steering, better shocks, and new transmissions.

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What About Pro-Touring Cars?

The primary difference between a restomod and a pro touring car restoration is that a restomod is all about restoring the car but making it more functional. On the other hand, the technology added to a pro touring car enhances it fundamentally. A pro touring car can do things the original automobile was never intended to do. For pro touring car enthusiasts, it’s all about performance. Re-engineered suspensions, more powerful engines, and modified braking systems can dramatically up the power and speed of a classic car.

There is considerable overlap between restomods and pro-touring cars. If you have a classic car you’ve been longing to transform to its original beauty, talk to a restoration specialist who can help you decide which option is right for you.