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A look at Twitters new web client UI redesign

We have previously mentioned that Twitter is working on redesigning its new web client to create a lighter and easier to use interface.

Twitter has just launched its new redesign which you can now see by logging in on your twitter account. All though the UI looks different as of now it looks like it is the only thing that has changed, we were unable to find any new features. Here is a look at the new header (see image bellow), which now allows you to see your stats on the left, giving you an overview of your account from just 1 page, the home page. (the home feed has been one of the pages that has been affected the most by this redesign)

The Twitter logo has also been moved from position now located in the center, on your left you will be able to access your Home feed, Connect, Discover and your profile while on the right you can compose a tweet, message or the recently improved Search. The “Compose a Tweet” window now also informs you if sharing your location has been disabled or enabled

With this redesign it looks like Twitter is going for a more “mobile” like look as the color combinations and newly added features are all something we have previously seen on mobile app updates. Check out the redesign and don’t forget to follow AmongTech on Twitter. Here are some images of more changes:

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