9 amazing CyanogenMod boot animations

Many of you might be aware of the fact that the Cyanogen team has recently revealed the new logo of the popular custom ROM, for those who use Cyanogenmod on a daily basis you probably have your own custom boot animation, but for those looking something to show off their love for Cyanogenmod, today is your lucky day with these 9 new boot animations designed by SlurmsMckenzie which all include the new logo

1. Main (Download)

2. Main + Fade (download)

3. Main + fade + glow (download)

4. White Background main (download)

5. Mountain (download)

6. Forest (download)

7. City (download)

8. Train station at night (download)

9. Rain (Download)

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    1. No, you have to rename the downloaded file to “bootanimation.zip”, Transfer “bootanimation.zip” to internal SD card, Copy file to /system/media or to data/local (your choice) and reboot your device

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