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50 Android 5.0 Lollipop Tips and Tricks – The ultimate list

We all have a certain habit of doing things when using our phone but most of the time it is not the most optimal way of doing a certain task. In Android, there are many shortcuts and small things your average user might not notice but that can come in handy every day when using your phone.

While most of us are already familiar with Android 5.0 Lollipop tips and tricks, Google has put together a list of more then 73 tips (of which 50 are mentioned bellow) and includes some Android tips most experienced users didn’t even know about.

50 Android 5.0 Lollipop Tips and Tricks

  1. Launch a YouTube Mix
  2. Keep the hackers out by updating your browser
  3. Text without your thumbs
  4. Make your TV screen a reflection of you
  5. Slap a new coat of paint on your inbox
  6. See which apps are besties with Chromecast
  7. Have your laptop send directions to your phone
  8. Find and lock your device before the wrong hands find it
  9. Shine a light with your voice
  10. Be first in line for YouTube’s latest hit
  11. Find out when you have new email from within Chrome
  12. View your favorite artwork in your favorite pajamas
  13. Get the family together, no matter where they are
  14. Give your photos a facelift
  15. Let questionable content be known the minute you see it
  16. Create a better password than ‘password’
  17. Setting reminders just got easier
  18. Know the traffic before you’re part of it
  19. Film a video on your phone and upload to YouTube in a flash
  20. Create awesome videos without buying special software
  21. Discover the stories behind the images on your TV
  22. Have all the music you love in one place
  23. Train Google to fetch your stuff
  24. Let your phone worry about your flight
  25. Cast a net for some deals
  26. Let your browser manage your passwords
  27. Attach files big and small
  28. Get the score of the game without having to ask
  29. Never lose your photos
  30. Save your favorite places so you can spot them later
  31. Never lose contact with your contacts
  32. Open apps like a magician
  33. Tell everyone you’ll be late right from the meeting reminder
  34. Say farewell to surprise purchases
  35. Celebrate your birthday with your very own Google doodle
  36. Save the videos you want to watch for when you actually have time to watch them
  37. Share your Chromecast with your friends. No WiFi needed
  38. See your Android homescreen on the big screen
  39. Can you send an email? Then you can send money
  40. Create one awesome presentation, not 12 disjointed ones
  41. Put your Chrome browser on your TV
  42. Forget the same page. Get everyone on the same calendar
  43. Cater news headlines to your taste
  44. Your stuff is just a question away
  45. Queueing up YouTube is more fun with friends
  46. Multi-task while you cast
  47. Share the family computer without family conflict
  48. Unsend that email with the extremely unfortunate typo
  49. Have your phone tell you when to catch the train
  50. Give your friends a sense of direction

You can check out the full list and how many more tips here