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5 Ways On How To Use LinkedIn To Boost Your Business

As a professional social network, LinkedIn has is known to be widely used by employers, recruiters, and potential employees. However, the creators of the platform regard it as a universal social platform that can be used for development of a personal contacts network, distribute and obtain useful information, organize sales in the B2B segment. Do you want to discover the potential of LinkedIn and find out how to use the network to boost your business? Obey the tips below.

  1. Set up a personal profile

Prepare your personal profile for interaction with a target audience. Most people just write their position, work experience and that is it. A profile in English can help you if you work with foreign clients. Better indicate how you can benefit your audience right in the status. And write a little information about yourself.

In order for you to appear more often in the search results for LinkedIn, the keywords you are looking for should be inserted in the status, in the title of the post, in the description, in the key skills.

  1. Find your target audience

Start with finding several groups in which your target audience is interested. For example, it is HR.

Through the search for a position title find your target group and start following people. Since LinkedIn is a social media network, most people will be glad to see your invitation. 50-70% of people are likely to accept your invitations.

However, there are nuances. In a free account, LinkedIn will give you only 100 contacts. This restriction can be circumvented in the following ways:

– if possible, change the name of branches (HR trade, HR construction, etc.);

– use search within groups;

– use search for universities. Find a university of your interest from the desired region and enter the name of the post in the search. It works well in cases where you need to reach people who have graduated from technical universities. LinkedIn for marketing will show you in which area graduates are employed, what skills they have. Clicking on the desired column of the chart, you will get a list of relevant specialists. In addition, in the search, you can type the post or the skill you are interested in.

– search for companies. Enter the name of the company page. If they have a page on LinkedIn, you can see the profiles of employees and contact them.

LinkedIn makes it possible to send 3000 invitations to friends. After that, you will need to contact the support service to increase the limit.

  1. Create interesting content

It is high time to start being active. It means that you should regularly post on your wall some interesting or useful content (link to an article or news, infographics, pictures, videos, etc.). At least once a day or on weekends.

Next, comment on the discussions in the thematic groups and create your own. So you will be constantly in the sight of your target group.

5 Ways On How To Use LinkedIn To Boost Your Business - 1

  1. Suggest useful info

Send a message to those who accepted your friend invitation. But do not bother to offer your product or service. It is better to offer something useful. For example: “If you are interested in where to get your assignments done now, on our blog you can learn how to distinguish a truly solid company from fraud. Here is the link. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.” In this case, you are much more likely to get a loyal customer than simply sending out your commercial offers.

  1. Use the tags

Use tags to make it easier to find the right contact. It can be tagged by function, by industry, by prospects of clients. You can also assign several tags to the same person.

Just do it

You can attract customers, not only by promoting your personal LinkedIn profile but also by creating thematic groups or a company profile. All the mentioned above tips will bring you an impressive result if you find just 30 minutes a day for this job. It is not that much, considering that you can send out invitations or letters during morning tea or coffee. And if you reduce the time for useless web surfing for your business, then you will not have problems with time management for your business.

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That is all for today. Good luck in boosting your business!