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5 Reasons to Consider an Online Degree in 2018

Every year, thousands of high school seniors need to decide the next best step for them, and the natural choice might be to earn a degree. Yet, according to recent reports, less than a third of US undergraduates are considered to be traditional students.

That’s because 28% have at least one dependent, or have a full or part-time job, so turn to online degrees to help them achieve their goals. If you are unsure of the best option for you, here are five reasons to consider an online degree.

  1. Greater Flexibility

As stated, a traditional degree might not fit around a busy student’s schedule, especially if they are caring for a child or another dependent loved one. While you will need to input as much time and hard work into obtaining a degree as traditional students, you’ll enjoy greater flexibility, as you can work in the comfort of your home and you won’t need to physically attend a lecture. So, it can fit around your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

  1. There are Many Fantastic Online Degrees Available

There is no difference between an onsite or online degree, as each will provide a student with the qualifications they need to enjoy a fruitful career. In fact, Touro University Worldwide is an online Jewish university that will not only help you to obtain a degree, but they are committed to helping their students feel ready to enter the workforce. You can also join a connected learning community, who can help you to reach your potential and achieve your goals.

5 Reasons to Consider an Online Degree in 2018 - 1

  1. Consistent Support

You won’t feel alone when studying online, as you’ll receive the support and feedback you need to reach your goals. The right college will design programs to provide continual support from your tutors and administration professionals. You could even make an appointment with a tutor to ask questions or discuss an issue or concern, or you could contact personnel to resolve a technical or administrative problem.

  1. A Less Daunting Experience

Every student is different. While some relish the opportunity to study on campus, others might prefer to study online. It’s common for many students to feel overwhelmed at leaving home to go off to college, as they might be reluctant to leave their family and friends behind. An online degree can ensure a student doesn’t need to give up on their dream career simply because they’re afraid. It provides undergraduates with an opportunity to study at a degree level without significantly disrupting their everyday lives.

  1. A Productive Gap Year

It’s common for many students to take a gap year after leaving college, as they might have a desire to work, travel or volunteer before earning a degree. Of course, many of their parents will be skeptical about their child’s wishes to defer education. Online education could be the perfect compromise, as it will allow students to travel or pursue their hobbies without postponing their education. So, they can make their way across the globe while working hard to walk away with a bachelor’s, master’s, or even a doctorate degree.