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5 of the funniest and best Yo app clones

The app called “Yo” has gained popularity over the last couple of weeks allowing users to simply send a “Yo” message to someone. After the simple app gained popularity an army of clones spawned many of which funny or even more creative then the original Yo app which is estimated at a value of $10 million and got a $1.5 million investment. Here are the 10 funniest Yo app clones:

1. Arnold

Arnold iOS

Arnold is an app that allows you to send much more then just a “yo” allowing you to select phrases like “Get to the chopper”. The funny thing about Arnold is that the app will read the phrase out loud with a funny voice. The app is currently only available on iOS 

2. Yo Mirage

Yo Mirage

This app can be considered the Yo 2.0 app as it keeps the simplicity of the original Yo but allows you to send a few more simple messages like “ok”. “please,”awesome” or “iloveyou”. The app is available for Android here

3. Yo Hodor

Love game of Thrones? Us too and so does this developer. Yo Hodor is a parody app which combines the best of Yo and Hodor from Game of Thrones allowing you to send a “HODOR” message to someone. You can download it here for iOS 

4. YoFrom


YoFrom is an actual useful spin off of the Yo app allowing you to send a “Yo @ you current location” so you can easily share where you are to your friends which you might be meeting up soon. The app is available for both iOS and Android

5. Dude!


we all know someone who says “Dude” all day long, well for those people there is a special app too. Dude Seriously, Dude! allows you to send a “Dude” message to someone you know. The app is unfortunately only available on Android