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4 health gadgets that are actually beneficial for your health

Staying healthy is not an issue anymore. You do not have the time to do exercise, not a problem. There are some really cool health gadgets that will help you maintain your health. No, I am not saying that exercise doesn’t play its role, it does, but just in case if you are too busy to do a few bench presses, following health gadgets have got you covered.



It is a headset by myBrain. It helps you get rid of stress. The Melomind app uses EEG technology to give just the right signals to your brain that makes you feel relaxed. It generated over $190K at Kickstarter and the project was backed by more than 850 people.

The headset connects wirelessly to your smartphone via the app. It selects and plays the right music for your brain based on its activity. The music it plays is connected to your brain’s activity and the idea is to soothe the brain so that the user can relax. Well, you should grab one if you need to get rid of stress without using any medicines.

Healbe GoBe

It is known as the automatic body manager. The Healbe is a multi-feature wristband that can do wonders. It measures the calorie intake from your cells via your skin. It has to be connected to the official app. It shows you the calories intake and calories burned and keeps a complete track of everything you do such as it monitors hydration levels and sleep time. It also has a stress monitor. Looks magical but this tiny wristband does pretty much everything.


Think, Healbe is all what you need? You are underestimating the Prodigy smartwatch. It is a smartwatch that monitors ECG, heart rate, and sleep. It has a pedometer, UV radiation checker, and inactivity reminder. This stylish-looking smartwatch is really helpful as it enables you to keep tabs on all of your vitals and it even monitors your heart rate through the skin.


This tiny device is for kids. If you have babies in the home, you’d definitely love TempTraq. The device sticks to the torsos of your baby. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It monitors the body temperature of your little one. You don’t need a thermometer anymore, TempTraq will keep a track of temperature 24/7. You will get notifications on your phone in case if the temperature rises instantly or gets too low.


These health gadgets are indeed helpful in making the users healthy in one way or another. You can now love technology even more as it does care for its user’s health. We’ll hopefully see a lot of other such gadgets in the coming years.