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4 Exciting Home Based Technology Careers You May Want to Pursue

Finding a job that pays an excellent salary but having the ability to work from home is a perk many people don’t really believe is possible. Major companies have been slowly edging into the work from home world, carefully weighing the pros and cons of maintaining physical versus virtual offices. Besides cutting overhead costs, most employers have found that enabling staff to work from home can actually help them complete projects faster with less supervision. If you are working in the technology field and have an online MSMPP degree, here are four careers that will enable you to work in your pajamas.

1. Software Programming

Are you a master of Ruby on Rails? Can you skim over dozens of lines of code and immediately point out hidden errors? Software programmers are valuable as they know how to build new systems as well as update and fix outdated platforms. If your goal is to work from home and have a schedule that you can alter according to your availability, software programming might be an ideal match. Find a software engineering job online and make sure to practice your skills while waiting for the perfect job that is meant for you.

2. Project and Program Management

Working in project and program management means that you will have to monitor the work of your subordinates. As a professional who works remotely, you can use email and phone conferencing to ensure that your team is meeting each essential project milestone. Although you’ll still be doing a lot of paperwork, imagine being able to go into your home office to get an early start to the day instead of having to commute to a physical location that may not be open around the clock. Use your project and program management degree to help you pursue a dream career.

4 Exciting Home Based Technology Careers You May Want to Pursue - 1

3. Cyber Security Expert

Not only do cyber security experts work on-site – they also need to be available on an on-call basis. If you choose to work as a cyber security expert, you might receive late night phone calls on occasion, but much of your free time will be yours to spend away from the office. If you like having a different set of duties to complete every day and you enjoy problem-solving on your own, being employed as a cyber security expert from home will keep you busy as you meet new and exciting challenges.

4. Video Game Developer

It takes the efforts of a team of diverse and talented people to create a single video game. So long as you have a computer that can run the right software, much of your time as a video game developer may be spent working from home. Whether you’re designing new characters or syncing up animated scenes with music, video game development is fast-paced and tedious work.

If technology is your passion and you enjoy working in an environment that you can fully control, consider finding a position where you are able to work completely from home. You can still interact with coworkers from your home office but you might also have a lot fewer distractions. Check out these four growing careers in the technology field and get comfortable in your home-based office.