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Wzpiss vs DanCoTek Comparison of Cheap Kids Smartwatches

In this article we have done features analysis of two cheap kids smartwatches. So you can get the better understanding whether these smartwatches worth it or not.

DanCoTek Smart Watch

It comes with 1.54-inch IPS touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. 0.8Mp Built-in camera is also there to take selfies and enjoy snapping. It weighs only 1.44 ounces which means it is a lightweight gadget.

Standalone watch

Instead of getting your kid smartphone at such a young age, it would be safe if you get them a watch, which will as a smartphone too, just like this smartwatch. In this way, you’ll be having a check and balance on them through the phone app as well.

Having a standalone smartwatch with SIM card is just like a smartphone and can be used for two-way communication. Parents can call their kids and the kids can do the same, right from their wrist.

SOS emergency call

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is not a problem with this watch in any emergencies as well since the parents can feed their number in this feature, and the kid will only have to double click mom or dad icon on the home page, and it will automatically their numbers.

What’s more?

Time telling: Children find it difficult to tell the time at a young age and to solve this problem, it comes with a cartoon clock, which helps the kid in learning this thing easily.

Games: Three built-in games are also there including Tetris, Visual training and 1024, which helps in improving hand-to-eye coordination of them as well.

Mp3 player: It has a music player to play songs, and after inserting a memory card, kids can store their favorite songs or poems in it.

Camera: To capture precious moments, a camera is there so the children can take their pictures and their friends easily.

Water-resistant: It is life waterproof, which makes it immune to slight splashes of water during hand washing or getting it wet during rainy days.

Wzpiss Smartwatch

Design and display

This smartwatch is a very strong candidate for your kid’s wrist because it comes with some high-end features. If we talk about the design, then its quite sleek and slim per se, and feel bulky on the wrist. The display comprises of 1.54-inch TFT LCD 2.5D radian capacitive touchscreen, along with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, which ensures the clarity in it. All in all this smartwatch worth it.

Working models

Bluetooth model: It can be operated in two ways. One way is to connect the smartwatch with a smartphone’s Bluetooth, and it will work as an extension of the phone. It will receive all the notifications from social apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but along with this, you can also make and receive phone calls and even reply to text messages.

This right here is a good way to keep in touch with your loved ones. Parents can call their kids whenever they want, but since it would be needing Bluetooth, it becomes a distance bound feature, but it has the solution to this problem too.

Standalone smartwatch: If you want to keep in touch with your kid while coming from school, playground, etc., it can work as a proper smartphone after inserting a SIM card into it. Yes, after setting up the SIM card, two-way communication will not be a problem with this smartwatch. kids can parents can call each other, whenever they want, eliminating the need for Bluetooth or even smartphones.

That being said, this feature can only be utilized by android users, because it doesn’t work for iOS smartphones.

Activity tracking

Your kid’s all-day activity tracking will be monitored through it including the number of steps, burnt calories and distance traveled. Parents can see the stats in the phone app and can show the kids at the end of the day.

Sleep monitoring

This is a very important feature for children, as some of them seem to have trouble sleeping during the night, well to make sure your kid is getting enough restful sleep make them wear this watch while sleeping at night. In the morning, check the phone app to see the light, deep, and REM stages of it, which will let you know how much sleep he/she exactly got last night.

What’s more?

Sedentary reminder: If your kid has been sitting for a while and haven’t moved since while doing homework or some other task, it will let them know to take a break for a while.

Music player: It supports up to 32GB of memory card, which parents can put in it, so the kids can enjoy their favorite songs, poems, and whatnot.

Remote camera: It works like a camera shutter as well, through which you can take group selfies without getting them blurred.

Can the GPS watches also have educational value?

A children’s smartwatch can also have educational functions by rewarding or promoting them. Therefore, best smartwatches for kids can also display motifs such as hearts. For example, if your child has tidied up their room, as a reward, they can have such hearts appear on the child’s smartwatch screen.

Should the kids have Smartwatch with a SIM card?

In few children’s smartwatches, it is possible to make phone calls and exchange messages. For this process, a SIM card is mandatory, as these properties work on the same principle as on a smartphone. On the one hand, your child needs the SIM card in the smart wristwatch to make phone calls, and on the other hand, you can first determine the location of the child with a SIM card in the smart children’s watch.

Is a smartphone still necessary if your child already has a smart wristwatch?

Smartwatches for children, it is not possible to replace the smartphone completely. Necessary apps can finally be activated only via the smartphone. Therefore, your child does not need a smartphone at first, because it is enough if you have a mobile phone to activate the apps of the smart wristwatch.