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Which Software Development Methodology is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to software development, every project is different. To solve the complexities of the job, the five key development methodologies can be used to ensure the unique needs of your company are met. These are Agile/Scrum, Waterfall, Iterative Waterfall, Lean, and DevOps.

An experienced project manager will assist you in finding the right fit for your business, even as your requirements evolve before the project is complete. Choosing a reliable, experienced company to partner with will be essential to your success.

To help you prepare for the next stage of your software development, here’s a look at the five key development methodologies:

1. Agile/Scrum Development

The Agile methodology is innovative as it uses a collaborative approach to software development. Stakeholders and providers have open communication, ensuring the needs of all parties are being met.

Over the course of a project, there is the flexibility to make changes as required. Technology and resources can be changed, upgraded, or removed at any stage for a tailor-made solution.

2. Waterfall Development

The Waterfall methodology has six stages that run in sequence. The team will learn about your requirements before running a system analysis. The next step is coding and testing to ensure the software has been developed to your high standards.

While this is a team approach, there isn’t the same level of interaction that you would find with the Agile methodology. The final steps are implementation, and operations and maintenance.

3. Iterative Waterfall Development

The Iterative Waterfall methodology uses repetitive processes until success is achieved. There are four phases of planning before the product can be launched. The initial iteration is to set up the project and establish the team.

The following three iterations are the same, as the software is developed and tested before seeking feedback and making modifications as required. Depending on the nature of the project, more iterations may be needed. At the end of the process, the final product can be released.

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4. Lean Development

The Lean methodology relies heavily on the skills of the development team. This is all about optimization and efficiency with minimal fuss. This strategy focuses on only using code, resources, and systems that are needed for the intended purpose.

It starts with a concept, and then a prototype is created. The development team will validate their work internally before testing externally. Over time, changes can be made based on user behavior before the process is restarted.

5. DevOps

DevOps stands for development and operations. This methodology is unique because it combines traditional software development with IT operations.

When these processes are combined, high-quality software can be launched sooner and is often more reliable, with faster speeds. Taking the expertise of these two industries and combining them into one is changing the way software is developed.

Which Methodology is Right For Your Business?

If you are ready to start a software development project, finding a reliable, experienced company is critical to your success. The methodology you choose will depend on your level of knowledge, how much involvement you would like, and how quickly you want the final version to be released.

The good news is modern software can be modified and is highly adaptable. When you choose a knowledgeable project manager he or she will be able to support you to choose the right methodology and make changes as necessary.