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What Makes a Good Marketing Video?

Video marketing can be a powerful tool, but it has to be done well. Creating decent video content that actually markets your products, services, or business well can be tough, especially if you do not have an initial idea to go off.

Understanding how to make a good marketing video is not just about the visuals but also the overall tone, message, and impact of each video. Unlike blog posts, you can’t throw out a new ad every week and double up if one fails – you need to have the budget ready, and that means that many companies only get one shot at a successful ad every so often.

If you are not sure how you can create a good video campaign, then here are some questions to ask about the potential ideas you are having.

What’s The Objective?

What do you actually want to do with your video? This is important since there is more than one way to promote something via online video advertising, and sometimes you do not even need to rely on direct advertising methods to do that.

If you want your video to go viral, your main aim should be to create something that will get attention, with a secondary goal to direct that attention to your company’s products. If you do not get your video in front of enough people, no one will watch it. Therefore, you want to put your effort and budget into making that video go viral.

If you want your video to promote something directly, your main goal is very different. You will want to try and make your video interesting enough to persuade your potential client to want to purchase your product or service. Making it go viral would be a secondary goal because the point is to capture that initial audience first and foremost.

Does It Fit Your Audience?

This is where your video and your intended audience come in. Are your target demographics interested in the same things that you and your company do? Do they care about the things you talk about or want to make that video content about? If not, then why should they watch a video about them?

If your video will only appeal to a certain kind of person, then it needs to be the target audience you are aiming for. While you can capture an unintended audience if the video appeals to the wrong part of the market, this is not guaranteed or even likely to give you the results you actually want.

Does It Grab Attention?

If you want to make an ad that is going to get noticed, then you have to make sure that your audience will actually click through to your site or take an interest in your products and services.

That is why video ads need to be different from all the other advertisements you might have seen. People do not just sit in front of a computer or phone all day passively consuming content – they are actively engaging with whatever they are looking up, and video ads need to draw them away from whatever they are doing to make them interested in what you are offering.

If you really want to make an impact, you need to do your research and work out what is going to grab the attention of the people who are watching your video ad. Think about what you want your target audience to do – visit your site, look into a product, remember your brand name, understand your services, or even just realize they want a product you offer.

Does It Encourage Action and Conversions?

If you are going to run your campaign with the idea that your target audience will take in the message you are giving them, then you also need to think about how they are going to do that. Once they have watched your video, will they want to make a decision about your company? Maybe they will end up looking at your services rather than getting in touch with your sales team or visiting a specific part of your site and not the landing page that you prepared.

There are a few different ways of asking people to respond to your video. A simple call-to-action can be a good idea, especially if it ties directly into the ads’ landing page, but sometimes you need to go for something specific to try and promote a particular product or service.

What Is The End Goal?

The other thing to remember when you think about your video is the outcome that you are looking for. Think about the end result you are hoping to achieve from your video ad campaign. A lot of marketers tend to think of video content as a way to get their brand name seen in front of an audience, but it can be used in a number of different ways, and many of them lead to specific outcomes that you might be relying on.

For example, you might be using a video campaign as a way to get new customers who are interested in a specific product. While getting new customers, in general, is still useful, it is important to point people towards whatever product you are trying to sell or give them a reason to look into it themselves.

The video marketing content you create needs to make sense with the end goal you have in mind. Promoting the wrong thing or sending out the wrong message can actually drive people away from the points of conversion you were trying to nudge them into.

Who Should Produce It?

Using third-party video production companies is always a good idea, especially local ones that understand the kind of market you might be aiming for. For example, a company based in St. Louis might focus on the best video production St. Louis can offer since its local market will be in that area.

Getting another company to handle video production is usually the ideal way to approach the problem. It takes the pressure off your own company and allows you to focus on the marketing side rather than having to produce a video using a limited budget and unprepared staff.