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How Long Do Batteries for Vaporizers Last?

It’s no surprise that rechargeable batteries have become the standard for most electronics, including vaporizers. They can save users time and money, not to mention producing less waste than traditional one-and-done batteries. However, even rechargeable batteries eventually need to be tossed, especially if they’re used on a regular basis. Whether you’re using a vaporizer with an oil cartridge or a weed wax pen, here are some things you should know about your battery’s use life.

General Life Span

A vaporizer battery should be replaced once it’s charge capacity has reached 60 percent maximum of the original. With optimal use, a battery can last 1-2 years, although manufacturers suggest replacement annually. However, certain habits can increase the deterioration of batteries for vaporizers.

Factors That Can Decrease Battery Efficiency

Depending on how you treat your battery, it may have a much shorter life span than the recommended one year. You may see a decrease in life span of your batteries if you:

  • Leave your vaporizer on when not in use
  • Overcharge, such as charging overnight
  • Use until completely drained
  • Don’t use on a regular basis

One or more of these bad habits can drastically reduce battery efficiency—even shortening its life span to a few months.

Signs It’s Time To Replace

While it’s tempting to hold out on spending money, there are a few steadfast signs that your battery is past its prime. You should shop for a replacement if:

  • The battery becomes hot during charging or use
  • The battery lasts only half the time it did upon purchase
  • The mod shows “low battery” continually

Each of these indicates that your battery is no longer holding a charge efficiently. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this—batteries go through wear-and-tear like any other item, and eventually lose their usability altogether.

Don’t make do with worn-out vaporizer batteries. Keep your vaping experience top-notch by changing your batteries regularly. There are a variety of high-quality batteries available at an affordable price. Visit an online retailer to purchase yours today.