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Using Tech To Connect With Your Customers

 Corporate events are nothing new, they certainly provide a fantastic opportunity to connect with your customers and are a great opportunity to develop a meaningful rapport with them. These days technology allows you to bring an extra depth to your corporate events, whether it be through adding fun or creating a unique customer experience the right use of technology will have your customers raving about your business. Here’s a few simple, tech based ideas to help you make the most of your corporate event.

Photo Booth

Using Tech To Connect With Your Customers - 1

Hire a photo booth such as those offered by Newcastle based photo booth hire business Booth Boy. People love jumping in front of the camera and having some silly fun. Guess what, if this silly fun happens at your corporate event they will associate it with your brand. The best part is photo strips and online galleries can be branded so any social media shares will carry your branding with them.

Proximity Marketing

Using location based technology such as iBeacon you can push instant messages to your event guests. Once the guests install an app on their phone and enter a specific area they will receive a message on their phone. You can set up numerous ‘Geo Fences’ and push different messages to your guests as they move around an area. The possible uses are only limited by your imagination, so why not make it a fun experience, perhaps you could send guests on a clue driven goodie hunt, all in the name of fun and brand awareness.

Live Video Streaming

Allcast stream apple tv

The emergence of new apps is seeing video streaming technology come of age. As an event organiser you can live stream all the best action worldwide. As technology becomes easier and more accessible you will find guests starting to live stream any interesting action too, so it’s certainly worthwhile investing in great entertainment and giving them something to live stream whilst promoting your brand in the process.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology such as RFID wristbands allow you to accept cashless payments and replace paper tickets, this helps your event flow seamlessly and creates in exciting user experience. Sensor integration can be used to create innovative and unique games and displays sure to engage your guests. Again, your imagination is the limit. You can learn more about RFID technology here.

With a little research and a small investment you can step your corporate events up a notch and make sure you guests are engaged, having fun and creating a positive brand association.