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Spotify 2.0 update fixes biggest annoyance and improves speed

Spotify has just released Spotify 2.0 App update for Android. The long awaited update fixes one of the biggest annoyances from users and drastically improves the device’s speed. The update is available for the official Google Play Store

Spotify 2.0 APK Download and full changelog

Spotify 2.0 apk download

Previously, Spotify claimed they fixed the stopping music when a notification would come but it didn’t fix it for everybody, now Spotify claims that they have finally addressed the issue for the remaining affected device meaning that you can keep listening to your song while the volume auto-adjusts for a few seconds but then continues playing.

Another issue that has been addressed is the app’s speed. Previously if you started up the app and had a bad connection the app would take a long time to load, according to Spotify this has now been addressed by even allowing users with bad connections to open up the app fast.

As mentioned previously, the update is currently available on the Play Store but you can also download the Spotify APK with file name here