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Recovering from Data Loss

Data loss can affect many of us in some truly devastating ways. It doesn’t matter if its work or home related, the aftermath of data loss can be an absolute nightmare. While we can try and do whatever it takes to keep our data safe and backed-up there are situations where the unexpected or unavoidable can happen and in these circumstances what can we do?

Why exactly can losing our data be so distressing? From a personal perspective, many people out there use files on a day to day basis be it for their music or movie collection or even a game’s saved data. Of course while these can usually be replaced or re-downloaded; there is some data that can’t such as family photographs or important documents. In the past we would use film and make prints off those, but now (for most people anyways) it’s all digital. Imagine losing your child’s first birthday photos or your wedding photos.

At work the effects can be critical and on a much larger scale. After all this would not just affect a single person but potentially a whole company. Losing important contracts or reports can set companies back; even losing them potential business in the future. This is especially true where deadlines need to be met. As you can imagine even when data back-ups have been made, further support is often necessary to cover every possible angle.

Whether you’re dealing with a company computer or perhaps your own hard drive data recovery is a process that shouldn’t be attempted by unqualified people. Why is this? Put it this way, when your car breaks down or has a major problem with the engine you wouldn’t consider taking things apart and trying to fix it yourself. You’d get a mechanic to take a look as they would know what to look out for and all the shortcuts to rectify the problem. It’s the same situation with a data recovery specialist. They deal with these machines on a day-to-day basis so it only makes sense to leave to it to professionals to retrieve hard drive data.

While it may be tempting to crack open your hard drive and take a look, remember that chances are you won’t have the proper equipment. As soon as you start moving things on the inside, the chances of damaging things further suddenly escalate quickly. With a number of small parts some of which are magnetized, you soon begin to see how this is a bad idea. All it takes is a sudden jolt or even some messy hands to make the situation even worse. The platters for example are prone to scratches even with the most steady of hands.

While it may seem like a costly process to bring in a professional to try and restore your hard drive, in the grand scheme of things it’s certainly the smarter choice. Why risk losing all your data when you could potentially save it at a one off cost. Much like a car or the plumbing for your bathroom; bringing in someone who knows what they’re doing is the best way to take care of your hard drive and get it treated correctly.