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The Most Under-Rated Luxuries On Earth

1) Air Conditioning

Those of us who have had some form of AC all our lives (even the humble window AC unit) have no idea how much we take it for granted. It’s very true that many areas of the world would never have gotten to where they are now without the miracle of AC, for example cities like Dubai and Singapore. Having said that, go to Google Earth and do a virtual walk around those two cities, and notice how many people do NOT have AC. How do they do it? We should be grateful for this incredible luxury every day we use it, especially considering how many people have to do without it.

2) Great Showers

If you’ve lived in other countries, especially developing countries, you know how little people in other parts of the world tend to value a good shower. What makes a good shower? Precise control over the temperature and pressure of the water (and sufficient ranges of such) are the first qualities of any good shower. Beyond these things, there are tons of amenities a real top of the line shower can have, such as steam jets, music and mood lighting etc. For the ultimate shower experience, check out something like this Steam Shower Cabin from Insignia. You can get weak in the knees just looking at the photos!

The Most Under-Rated Luxuries On Earth - 1

3) Good Roads

This is another one people who have travelled a lot and/or lived the expat lifestyle can often attest to. To be honest, there are even rural parts of Canada the US and Europe that have some atrocious roads, especially in mountainous or impoverished areas. Also, some cities such as NYC and Montreal are famous for their poor road quality, for whatever reason.  If you’ve ever had to drive regularly on cratered roads, you know how grateful one can be to finally be back on decent roads.

4) Everything Delivered To You

This is the one luxury where people in North America are actually a bit left out compared to the rest of the world in many ways. But in general, this is becoming more and more of a trend. Not only does this save you stress and time, it also can be a big money saver when you consider how much transport costs.  Dating chat lines, groceries, films, etc. This is especially true for drugstores/pharmacies, which for some reason in North America almost never deliver. This definitely needs some fixing!