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Pros and cons of audio conferences

Conference calls are an important part of keeping open channels of communication in your place of business. They allow you to get your team up to speed on all types of office projects and events, and they can be invaluable in giving your employees a voice in regular operations. However, like any other such systems, it is important to understand their pros and cons before you employ them in your workplace.

The Pros


An audio conference call can be extremely accessible, especially through unlimited conferencing options. The mobility opportunities afforded by audio conferencing can allow your employees to catch up on the latest business updates no matter where they are. Depending on the way you structure your conferences, you can provide your team with an efficient way to stay connected without having to worry about physical location. All you have to do is set up the network as you need and then schedule for each conference call as necessary.

Ease of Access

Unlike video conferences, audio conferences offer a stronger degree of connectivity and ease of access, especially for employees who do not have video equipment available. Through the use of a familiar line, you can stay in touch with all of your employees for critical meetings and quick follow-ups, ensuring that there is always a line of communication established that does not need to rely on additional hardware of unnecessary obligations. You can also expect to save money on your equipment, as cutting out the need for video equipment will reduce long-term office spending, especially when expanding your operations.

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The Cons

Potential for Missed Calls

Without prior communication, it can be difficult for you to get your team together for a call. In order to make the best use of the technology, it is vital for you to follow up on memos and emails as effectively as possible. Whether there are unforeseen emergencies or the sudden appearance of hardware issues, it is always vital to plan accordingly for the desired results. If you work with a smaller team, you can try to plan for shorter conference calls. Try to compromise on timeframes that can work for everybody involved for the best results.

Faulty Internet Connections

No unlimited conferencing will be able to fully account for the quality of your internet connection or data plan. Much like prior communication and planning will prevent missed calls, taking the time to inspect your office hardware and company equipment will allow you to reduce the potential for interruptions due to a faulty internet connection. Work as closely with your IT department as you can to minimize interruptions to your conference calls, and remember to schedule for regular maintenance to prevent avoidable issues from arising during critical moments.

To make the most of such a new business feature, it is strongly recommended for you to speak with your employees to catch them up to speed. Collaborating effectively will set the standard for all future audio conferences, making it easier to regularly engage in unlimited conferencing.