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Prioritize Data Detox Today

Someone you don’t know has quite a bit of information about you. But you already knew that. We are not necessarily talking about some malicious party in a dark room somewhere collecting as much data on you without you knowing, rather, we are talking about various firms that collect data online.

Sure, others did have information about you in the past but it was not to the extent that it is today. The internet and world wide web has presented several ways to genuinely and intimately understand the psyche of the individual.

Further, the advent of the internet and various applications brings about ways to know where someone is at a given time and other aspects that were not so intrusive.

Individuals may not have thought about how much data was flowing through the internet and these various applications in the past. But due to many different incidents at large companies with data leaks, hacking, and fraud attempts, more people are waking up to the new reality of the value of data and its relevance within the world today.

But the reality is that just because people are becoming aware of their data matters does not mean that they know how to go about improving their behaviors online to minimize data related issues.

Thankfully, firms such as Rightly are stepping into the picture and filling in the knowledge gaps with informational content that shows how individuals can take part in data cleanses.

A data cleanse or data detox can add value in concrete ways and can have a strong impact . Here is what you need to know about the type of data collected and who is collecting the data, then you can learn about data detoxing.

General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR rules and regulations have given a boost to data protection in the United Kingdom and in Europe in general.

These laws provide significant value to citizens and netizens because it allows them to reach out to companies and ask them about the personal data that they have. Indeed, concerned citizens can ask about the purposes of the data utilization, ask for removal, and have knowledge of aspects related to their data.

Now, once you are aware of this fact, you find out that you have a bit more control. Yes, you can gain more knowledge about your data and take action if you feel that companies have more data about you than you would like them to have.

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Different Industries Hold Different Data

Here are two main industries you interact with that hold data and the type of data that they hold.


Rightly notes that Amazon and Ebay will not only hold basic information about you but will also understand more about you from your social media profiles and other areas to have a full picture of you as a consumer. They do so to increase their customer retention. At the same time, this can be quite concerning for you.

Social Media

Social media platforms know quite a bit about you because you interact and navigate it like you would in real life. You express your desires, your opinions, your hobbies, your likes and your dislikes.

As you can see, depending upon your level of interaction with the industry and the overall context, the more information they will have.

It is no wonder why Facebook and other firms thrive and have sustained operations to this day. They offer keyword research, precise targeting, and more that helps advertisers connect to consumers.

Data Detox

The next step of your data cleansing journey is the detox stage. Yes, each part of the journey is a bit difficult, from understanding how each industry works with your data to understanding the new world of data storage, but this is quite likely the most difficult.

It can take a bit of time to actually move through each of these companies, reach out, and conduct the data removal process. Thankfully, firms like Rightly can help to simplify the process of data detox in a simple and streamlined way.

The data awareness and protection process can be difficult but it is well worthwhile and can be streamlined with the right partners.

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