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Online Selenium Grid for Automated Browser Testing

Automation browser testing is the process whereby a tester tests the functionality of his or her software using another software package. Normally,  the tester will produce his or her own scripts thereby allowing for subsequent edition.

In other words,  it is a technique that makes use of an application to implement the entire life cycle of the software easily and ensure effectiveness and efficacy of the testing software. It can therefore be said that the main goal of automation testing is to improve software value and enhance efficacy. It is important to perform automation testing as it enables one to link, for example a newly released software with the previous functionality.

Selenium has proven to be one of the major tools employed in automation testing. It is a package of tools that is used in automating web browser across many platforms. Over the years,  many have limited the function of selenium to automating web browsers alone.  However,  new developed Selenium tools, such as those by now perform automation for boring web-based administrative works as well.

Because of the high level of Selenium’s efficiency and efficacy, many browser vendors have given their full support for the tool with some even trying to incorporate it into their browsers. Additionally,  it forms the core technology behind a number of web browser automation tools today.

Pros of Selenium As An Automation Tool

Online Selenium Grid for Automated Browser Testing - 1

  • Open source

This is one of the advantages that Selenium employs to have an edge on every other automation tools. It is a free ware and a portable one also.  This implies that it is acessible to anybody at almost no costs.

  • Useable with wide variety of Operating Systems

Another pro of Selenium as an automation tool is it’s usability across many operating systems including Windows,  Mac, UNIX, Linux,  etc. Infact,  with Selenium suites of solution,  there is the possibility of creating test cases on one operating system like Windows and used on another operating system like Linux.

  • It works with all languages

Selenium is known to work with all languages including Java,  Python,  C+, Ruby,  Groovy and many more. Even though it has its own language,  it still works perfectly fine with any other programming language.

Cons of Selenium As An Automation Tool

  • It is not complete

Selenium being an automation took was not designed to be a complete tool for automation as it requires third party framework,  language binding etc for it to be functionally effective.

  • It requires high level of skills

Even though it works well with all programming languages, it still requires high level of skills of programming from it users.

Selenium as an automation has proven to be an effective and efficient tool looking at its wide usage. However despite being the Almighty in automating web browser,  it still has disadvantages including requirement of a higher level of professionalism,  absence of test management facilities, absence of support for running test in parallel in a single computer and many others. Despite all these,  Selenium still maintains the spot of being the best automation took for web browsers and alikes.