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Music Tech: 4 Tools That Can Make All the Difference for Beginner Producers

Starting out in the music world can be a topsy-turvy journey for any beginner producer. You not only have to deal with creating “good” music regularly, but you also have to market your brand and music among listeners and potential brand partners.

Technology has however come to the rescue in recent times. The increase in the development of innovative electronic equipment means that it has become easier to produce music these days. With the right tools and guidance, a “newbie” producer can release hit track after hit track, and leave the audience thinking they’re actually a veteran in the music world.

If you are just starting out, this list can go a long way to shortening your learning curve in the sometimes-brutal world of music.

#1. A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

The digital audio workstation, fondly called DAW in industry parlance is a must-have if you plan to accelerate the time it takes you to cut through the noise. The DAW is a beast of a tool, and acts as a complete studio on your computer. You can record, edit and mix music all in one place using the DAW.

Its ability to handle large files, manipulate and edit music files as much as you want are some of the many reasons why you’ll find this tool useful. There aren’t that much production tasks you can’t handle with a digital audio workstation.

#2. An Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drums have become quite the thing these days, and you should definitely jump on this wave. One of the biggest gains you’ll get from purchasing a set of electronic drums is their “practice” and “play-along” mode. As you know, practice makes perfect, and with these drums, you can get quickly rack in some challenging practice routines with feedback as long as you are willing to put in the time.

if you are trying to make a choice considering the plethora of information out there, then simply search for the best e-drum reviewed by an expert or a credible music blog, like that of Drum Center of Portsmouth. As with every trending tool or fad, it is important you do proper research before deciding on which brand to add to your array of music equipment.

#3. MIDI Keyboard Controller

Every beginner musician who aspires to attain Rick Rubin levels of music production needs a MIDI controller. It is not only easy to use – you can learn how to use a MIDI keyboard in a day or two – but it also offers you the perfect blend of sound quality and good melodies.

With these two qualities combined, you are almost assured of producing great tunes that will have everyone nodding their heads to your music.

#4. Studio Monitor Speakers

While the differences between normal speakers and studio monitor speakers are not immediately visible, these are the speakers to get if you want to produce music of the highest sound quality. Your studio monitor speakers – when you buy them – provide you with pure or unadulterated sound. This ensures that you mix accurately and don’t fall prey to enhanced sounds that might sound horrible when played on normal speakers.

While they might not sound as rich or powerful as most normal speakers, they are an important component in ensuring your music sounds right, no matter where it is played.

The Bottom Line

By now, you should be researching which of the brands you’ll be buying within the next few days or weeks. These four tools are some of the most innovative music equipment out there, and are a great way to start of on a roll in the music world.