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Is There a Need for Technical Skills with Modern SEO

Knowing all inner workings of the Internet works isn’t easy. There are a great number of calculations involved in a Google search algorithm to return the most relevant data for your particular request. Knowing the way in which every line of code Google uses in its algorithm works can be overwhelming and frankly isn’t even possible.

It is most fortunate, however, that you don’t need to be either an advanced programmer or a Google engineer in order to secure high ranking in search results. Although in the past many people relied on deceptive tricks involving backend coding practices for ranking sites, these are no longer effective and you don’t have to be technically proficient to rank high, according to

Modern day SEO isn’t as complicated as people think and there are a few key matters you have to address to ensure good results.

A positive on-site experience is a must

This takes into account a range of factors but neither of these requires knowledge of web development or web design. You must have a clear purpose and the ability to convey it to your visitors. Your website must also have a pleasing and aesthetically clear look. It should be easy for your visitors to find the information they are looking for. Have a clear navigation and ensure your website loads fast and is optimized for all types of devices.

Produce quality content

SEO regards content as its most important foundation. However, you are not required to include a certain number of key phrases in the articles you produce or present your writings to the public in a very specific way. The important thing here is to choose relevant and interesting topics and present them in an informative and original manner.

Establish yourself as an authority in your field of interest

Googles examines a lot of sources of information outside of your network to determine how strong your authority is in your particular field of interest. In the past, it was all about building as many links to your site as possible. This tactic is no longer relevant today, and instead, you must focus on building person to person relationships and relationships with other publishers and blogs. Ensure your site is attractive for inbound links and produce enough worthy content. These links are seen by Google as votes in your favor, increasing both your authority and credibility.

The modern content management systems of today

The majority of these systems have been built with the idea to streamline the SEO process. The most widely used backend tasks of these systems are automated and it is easy to get used to them. The technical side of SEO is no longer a necessity as long as you use a modern CMS such as WordPress, together with the many SEO extensions (plugins) it offers.

The modern SEO of today can be summarized in one principle – strive to make your visitors happy. Google always takes notice when users come to your site, are left with positive experience and have found what they were looking for. While having technical knowledge and abilities is great, the common sense approach to user experience and content marketing is also enough to help you rank well.