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4 different ways on How to get an Ello invitation code

Recently a new social network that goes by the name of Ello has emerged. The social network was previously private but has recently opened its doors to other members allowing any user that has an invitation code to join this new simple, beautiful and ad-free social network.In fact, Ello invites are so hot right now that they are selling for $150 on Ebay but there are other (not so expensive) ways to get an invite, but they might take a little bit of more work.

Ello “You are not a product”

So, what is Ello exactly? Ello is currently an invite-only ad-free social network that calls it self “anti-facebook” created by Paul Bundnitz, who got the idea after getting exhausted by social networks that were just all about the ads. One of the main things that makes it stand out (apart from the no ad policy) is the clean, minimalist black and white design. Ello allows you to organize your followers by “Friends” and “noise” allowing you to keep a clean and interesting feed that isn’t full of unwanted material. Similar to other popular social networks, Ello is all about sharing your story and what is going on around you in a short message that will be send to your friends on Ello.

How to get an Ello Invitation code

There are currently several ways to do this, first and most importantly is knowing where to sign up, once you have an invitation code, that can be done from this page here

  1. Signing up for the beta: One of the main reasons there are invites is because the product is still in development. Once launched, everyone will be able to sign up for Ello without needing an invitation, you can sign up for the beta here. Keep in mind that it can take weeks to get in via the beta invitation system
  2. Using Twitter: Users are tweeting out invitation codes like crazy, you can check out the Ello Twitter feed here and look for a code.
  3. Using Google Plus: You might have noticed that as of now, the best way to get in Ello is via other social networks, you can check Google Plus for invitation codes here
  4. Reddit: Reddit has an incredibly friendly community and many users on /r/socialmedia are friendly enough to give a code or two away, you can start your hunting here

Have a code? Make sure to leave a comment for fellow AmongTech readers to use!