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How to determine what kind of lift table you need

Different kinds of companies have different needs especially when it comes to the weights of their products or by-products. Companies that manufacture steel products could have a substantially smaller load that is much heavier than wood, stones, or human beings.

For this reason, lift table manufacturers have a range of lift tables to suit every companies’ needs. There are different types of lift tables and each is suitable for different tasks and users. Every company needs to carry out an assessment of their needs before they buy a lift table.

Saxlift, a reputable manufacturer of lift tables with offices all over the world and with many years of experience has agents and representatives who can help you carry out the assessment. Once the assessment is done, and the range of available lift tables is presented, you can make your choice wisely.

Why choose Saxlift for your lift table Needs?


In terms of experience, Saxlift has no equal. They have been in the business of manufacturing lift tables for over twenty-five years. As a result, they are well suited to cater to all your lifting needs.

They have in stock a range of lift tables that you can choose from or you can order for a customized lift table which they will design, manufacture and deliver in record time.


When you identify that your organization requires lift tables, all that you need to do is to get to their website. Here you can choose the most ideal lift table for your organization. Usually, they have their lift tables ready and they are made ready for dispatch and delivery as soon as you make your order.

Your lift table will be delivered right to your doorstep within 24 hours of making your order to ensure that your business does not grind to a halt.

Competitive pricing

Over the years, Saxlift has fine-tuned their manufacturing process to ensure that they deliver the highest quality lift tables at the best price possible. They have made their product affordable to their customers.

When you buy their product, you will get value for your money as their products are high quality products.

Quality of products

As previously mentioned, Saxlift offers high quality products to the market. Their lift tables are long lasting and require little maintenance in their lifetime. This ensures that you have little downtime in your business due to lift table failure or maintenance.

Custom made lift tables

If your organization requires unique lift tables, Saxlift are willing to manufacture a lift table that specifically suits your needs at a good price and in quick turnaround time and delivery.

Types of lift tables you can choose from

Saxlift manufactures the following types of lift tables:

Standard lift tables

Saxlift has several types of this lift table. The most common type available is the Single scissor lift table. This is the most commonly used lift table by companies around the world.

For more advanced lifting needs, a company can acquire the double scissor or the tandem scissor lift tables also made and sold by Saxlift.

In this category is the low-profile lift table that eases palletizing in the factory and loading goods onto trucks for shipping.

Mobile lift tables

Depending on the nature of your work or the loads you are lifting you can also acquire a mobile lift table. These are lift tables that make it easier to not only lift but also move around loads of 100 kg to 1000kg. They are suitable for use in hotels, hospitals and manufacturing companies with these types of lifting needs.

You can choose between the manual or the electricity controlled mobile lift table.


With more knowledge about the manufacturer of lift tables and they type of lift tables they manufacture; you can easily decide the type of lift table you need. It is always best to consult with experts before you make a critical capital expenditure such as the acquisition of a lift table.


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