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How Does Linux VPS Hosting Benefits Your Online Business?

Choosing Linux VPS as a hosting solution for your business is a great way to improve the efficiency of your website and thus the success and the prosperity of your business. To make it clear, how it works, let’s first look at the benefits a virtual private server will provide your website with, and then see how these are further improved by Linux operating system.

The benefits of VPS

To understand the benefits of the virtual private server, it’s important to understand how it relates to other hosting services. To host anything on the web, you need a server, a physical machine that constantly runs in order to ensure an uninterrupted operation of your website. However, an entire physical server is often too much for the needs of a single client, both in terms of performance and costs. That’s why there are different ways to distribute its resources to provide efficient exploitation of a server by different users – hosting services. VPS is one of them. Except for this one, there are two more – shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is often considered an entry-level hosting service for the users that are least demanding of the quality of hosting service. 

Shared hosting consists in sharing the capacities of one physical server with different clients. However, they share the same virtual environment, and sometimes they can compete for resources – for example, when somebody has unexpected traffic peaks. In this case, the performance of other server tenants may reduce drastically. 

Another problem is presented by the fact, that the presence of neighbors on the server is not great for the security of your website – your website may be hacked more easily by any of them or through their account if the latter is hacked in its turn, so somebody can abuse your precious data. Thus, generally shared hosting provides not very high standards of security and performance and it’s better to choose more potent options as soon as possible. 

Dedicated hosting is actually the hosting implying the use of an entire dedicated server by one client. It’s pretty natural and logical that it provides the users with the maximum resources, meaning maximum standards of performance, no neighbors that could in some way disturb the performance of other customers, and maximum security for that same reason. This hosting service provides a redundant quantity of resources, that is great for demanding projects requiring applying powerful applications, huge arrays of information, and large databases. However, many websites aren’t like this. Instead, they may often consist of several small pages with not a very big quantity of information and traffic involved, so there must be another option for this type of customer. 

To solve this gap between affordable hosting and quality hosting, an intermediate solution has been designed – a virtual private server. This one consists in sharing the capacities of one physical server with different customers as well, but the virtual space is organized differently: by means of virtualization technology through special software it is divided into separate virtual servers that all have dedicated resources as well as their own operating systems, dedicated IP and the possibility to install virtually any software applications. All this gives a very similar experience to a dedicated server, but you don’t pay that much. You get less, but you get exactly as much as you see fit for your business and there is always an option to rescale your VPS, opting for more or fewer resources depending on the increasing or decreasing of our website’s current demands.

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The benefits of Linux OS

Taking into account that opting for VPS allows you to install the operating system of your choice, you can feel free to select Linux OS from the possible variants. This operating system also will provide you with numerous benefits for your business.

The key words describing Linux are that it is a free and open-source operating system. The first fact means that you will always be able to save money on your operating system, which is an obvious benefit. The second provides you with a pretty much flexible and customizable system, with a large community of enthusiast-developers. From this, we obtain the following advantages:

    • Performance. Linux is well adapted for operation as a server operating system, being generally very stable and reliable, not needing to reboot every time the system needs an update. It is not a coincidence that all supercomputers are using Linux as the operating system.
    • Security. The open-source nature of Linux makes it far not that easy to hack, especially when the extensive community of developers is constantly monitoring the system for bugs and breaches in security.
  • Customizability.  Linux has always been extremely interesting for developers. That’s why it offers a broad variety of distributions, so you can opt for the one which offers the best features for the needs of your web project or your personal preferences.


Linux VPS is a powerful hosting service solution that will suit customers with different backgrounds and requirements. If, after reading this article, you have realized that you may be one of them, then we recommend you to check out this VPS hosting Debian by an excellent hosting provider HostZealot. Thank you for your attention and take care!

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