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Get Paid to Take Tests and Participate in Surveys and Studies

Ever used a certain app or service on your smartphone while you were on the road, and it didn‘t work? Does this sound familiar: Buying a ticket quickly before boarding the train and the loading bar does not disappear? Or need ten tries to sync the Spotify playlist with a Third-party device? Another classic: You need your smartphone now to buy some random stuff for the cute human (or whatever species you are up to) you’re going to meet next…. But – No, the payment failed.

I guess I need to stop that listing. Otherwise, it comes off as if we were in thrall to our smartphones.  And if so, psychology and philosophy came into play – well, not today.

Whether you’re a digital native or not, you have an expectation of the products and services you are using: they should work the way you want to use them.

Or at least work.

Or at least be the least annoying to use.

On the other side, companies providing apps and services face a million individuals with ideas on how they should work. It’s hard to meet at least the critical mass of different opinions, mobile devices, and individual user habits while designing or developing a product. In addition, many different usage scenarios need to be covered as well. More and more companies have recognized these problems and therefore involved their target group in developing products at an early stage.

For this purpose, specialized providers are involved to take over the crowdsourcing and the peer groups’ support (i.e., you!). You can register with these dedicated platforms, and you will be invited to participate whenever your profile matches a product test. And let’s face it, that’s a cooler idea than giving a bad review later or despairing of customer service.

The involvement in product tests on a crowd testing platform like msg.passbrains, which we took a closer look at, makes you part of shaping the digital roadmap. Moreover, you are not alone: You’ll get instructions and help, become part of a community, and get paid for tests on products you are interested in. So that is an easy way to make your ideas on the usage of digital services count and earn some money.  How does that work?

You simply sign up with your basic data and create a profile. When that profile matches the respective target, you’ll be invited. We have reviewed the platform by participating in several tests – it’s secure and part of a large IT company from Germany. Find out more and sign up for the Passbrains community. The projects provided are hand-picked, interesting, and diverse, and you will get paid.

This is not about dollar-click-working but your chance to raise ideas to improve products. So, we’re not talking about a full-time or part-time job here, but the opportunity to explore, test, and evaluate ideas and products before anyone else and thereby have a constructive influence. On average, you can earn about USD 50 per product test. You’re ready? So, make that non-working button work and use your opinion to influence products. It’s much more fun and sustainable than getting upset later.