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How the Cloud Has Changed IT Support Forever

Over the last two decades, there has been a major shift in the world of IT, both for business and personal use.  At one time, if you wanted software, you bought a disc and downloaded it onto your computer or server.  And if the server malfunctioned, the software was lost.  Then the cloud came along, and the world started to realize the benefits for cloud computing for everything from IT support to storing photos of their kids.

Growth of the cloud

According to a study by the International Data Group, 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one way or another.  And another 18% plan to start using in some way in the near future.  Companies that offer these kinds of services are in high demand – companies now seek out specialists who can create customized packages of cloud computing that suit their specific requirements.

Safe and secure

But why do businesses and consumers all so readily adopt the cloud?  Two of the biggest reasons are things that are core to many concerns around the internet – safety and security.

Your data stored on a cloud server is far safer than on a physical device in your home or business.  Let’s take the worst case – there is a catastrophic fire, and everything is destroyed.  You may have a backup somewhere offsite or in some fireproof storage that can help you restore the system but often not.  Or it is out of date.  However, if you use the cloud for your system, backups and other storage, it is safe no matter what happens.

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The other big thing with the cloud is security.  We all worry about being hacked, having cybercriminals steal important information and even accessing our bank accounts.  By using cloud storage, businesses have reported a 94% improvement in security when switching.  Further, 91% said that they found it easier to comply with government regulations about data security by using the cloud.

Worth the investment

While there are free cloud solutions out there such as Google Drive and Dropbox that are ideal for person use, businesses generally find it worthwhile to invest in specialist services that suit their needs.  This means working with an IT support services expert who can tailor a package to their requirements.

The cost of this service is easily off set by the savings in areas such as productivity.  Because shared documents, projects and software are easily accessed through the cloud, there is no time lost waiting for things to arrive or people to be able to access things.  Any device with the right access security can view the cloud storage for simple and quick collaboration.

Flexible working

Flexible working is a big growth area for businesses as more people want to work in ways that suit them and their employer.  The cloud is key to this approach, allowing people to work at home, on the move and other locations – no more limiting everyone to the office.  It even means businesses don’t require the traditional premises to locate their staff as they can work wherever they are.

These are just a few examples of how the cloud can benefit businesses and shows why so many companies have adopted it and made it integral to their practices.

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