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7 Things Keeping Your Virtual Business from Growing

Virtual businesses aren’t anything new. They have been there ever since the dotcom bubble. In the last six years, virtual businesses have grown drastically from 34 million Americans working virtually to 63 million. If you are among the 63 million, then congrats to you. Now that you have a virtual business, it’s time to expand it.

7 Things Keeping Your Virtual Business from growing

If you are struggling to keep your virtual business from growing, it could be because of these hurdles:

Your Confidence

When you started your virtual business, you must have been filled with all those doubts. You probably still have them.

Most virtual startups believe that they can never compete with the big brands in the industry. They believe that they aren’t professional enough, or aren’t good enough. Rachel Pederson from the Social Media University calls it the imposter syndrome. You are afraid people might think of you as a fraud or an imposter.

That’s not true. Sometimes rather the opposite. Virtual business owners put in extra hours, trying to offer their customers more in order to compete with the big brands.

More and more people are realizing it and switching over to smaller brands for the value they offer. Understand this and move forward with confidence.

Hire an extra pair of hands to help you out.  You can get a virtual assistant to help you out.  Ask for their resume and previous experience. Ask them to give an interview to get a feel of your future employer before hiring them.

Your System is outdated

As a virtual business, you basically depend on your PC and its accompanying devices to run your business for you. Give your business the respect it deserves. Invest in the best Windows or MAC to run a smooth operation. Frequently upgrade your system and go through routine maintenance to avoid last minute problems.

If you are facing any technical glitches with your Windows, learn how to fix a critical error –

You think you can do it alone

You can’t run a business alone if you wish to expand it in the near future. If you are exhausted all the time or feeling overwhelmed for most parts of your working hours, it’s probably time to look for some extra help.

Hire an extra pair of hands to help you out. You can get a virtual assistant to help you out. Ask for their resume and previous experience. Ask them to give an interview to get a feel of your future employer before hiring them.

Don’t forget to sign contracts and have the terms and conditions in place before hiring someone.  

You are not following-up

Most businesses, even big ones, assume that once a customer pays them their work is done. It’s not. If you wish to grow your small business, you should work on your existing customers to bring in more work to you.

One of the golden rules of marketing is to start a relationship with your existing customers. It takes fewer amounts of energy, time and money to get more business from them than looking for new customers.

Offer your existing customer more range of products. Offer them discounts. Get them to refer new customers to you by directly asking them or by introducing a referral program.

7 Things Keeping Your Virtual Business from Growing - 1

Open your Virtual Business on Multiple Channels

Having a website is a great start for your virtual business. Or perhaps you have a Facebook page. If you are planning on expanding, you should consider spreading your presence on multiple online channels. This includes websites and social media. Set up social media accounts on all major social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and even on email.

If you find social media management overwhelming, you can always hire a social media manager to handle your social media presence. If that isn’t feasible at this stage, cover at least three social media channels. Consider all the ones where your target market hangs out.

Build A Relationship

You are running your business in a time of relationship marketing. Your customers expect you to talk to them directly. That’s what social media is all about. A direct connection with your target market. Use social media to build a relationship with your target market.

Ask them for feedback. Involve them in your business expansion plans. Ask them what they would like to see in the future. Conduct online polls. Reward them for their involvement. Thank them. Offer them a sneak preview of your new products.

Don’t Feel Disheartened

Not all inquiries are going to lead to purchases. Not all months will be great months. If you have started your business a few months back, give it time. Don’t let small hurdles dishearten you.

Cherish your wins. Even if they are small wins. If your business isn’t expanding at the rate you are looking for, give it time. Enlist the help of a business coach. Don’t let your hard work go to waste for a bad client, or a bad month.  Keep on moving!


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