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3 Ways Companies Are Using Your Personal Data to Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

Have you noticed online advertisements showing you exactly what you were thinking of buying next? Are you seeing more products tailored to your interests and needs on your social media pages? 

This is due to the collection of your personal data. Companies all around the world are using big data to predict consumer behaviors and patterns. While this may feel intimidating, it can also be beneficial because it can help you find relevant products or services that meet your needs. 

Companies collect, store, and move big data using data architecture. They then analyze this data and use it to cater to their customers or improve their products or services. For example, Amitech Solutions helps the medical industry gather, process, and analyze their big data architecture to help make healthcare higher quality and less expensive for everyone. 

In this article, we’ll explore three different ways companies use personal data. 

Restructure Marketing Strategies

Virtually every successful company focuses a lot of its attention on its marketing strategies. To create these strategies, marketing specialists need to analyze data from their target market. Where their customers get their information, how often they make purchases, and more data is used to create these marketing strategies. 

A company’s target audience can be based on demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), interests, behaviors, or a combination of many factors. If you happen to be part of a company’s target audience, then they will cater advertisements to you. This can help you find more products that you may be interested in.

3 Ways Companies Are Using Your Personal Data to Improve Your Online Shopping Experience - 1

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Another benefit of companies utilizing big data is that it helps them improve the shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction. It does this by creating a more tailored and personal experience for customers. Based on their preferences and spending habits, customers will receive custom offers and targeted advertisements. This then creates a more pleasant shopping experience for you. Plus, you can save money through custom coupons for products you are already likely to purchase. 

Predicting Future Purchases

How many hours have you spent scouring the Internet for the best product to buy for your needs? Big data analysis can actually help reduce your research time. Because data analysts can predict what you are likely to buy based on your browsing history and past purchasing behaviors, they can show you targeted advertisements that are more likely to appeal to you. 

For example, say you’re in the market for new eyeglasses. You may notice you’re getting more ads for websites where you can order custom eyeglasses. Now, instead of searching for a place to purchase your glasses, they’re coming to you! 

Overall, there are many benefits that can come from companies analyzing your data footprint. From receiving more relevant and helpful advertisements to improving your shopping experience, your online buying journey has likely been improved by big data analysis.