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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Winter Boots

Winter is just around the corner and for some parts of the country, that means some pretty serious changes in the weather – snow, hail, ice and usually more rain.  It can often mean that winter footwear ends up being a bit utilitarian but this doesn’t have to be the case.  Guys can have practical footwear that protects the feet and still look stylish while doing it.  Here are a few tips how to pull it off.

Snow boots

If you know that you are going to see snow in the winter, then go with it and opt for a quality pair of snow boots.  These are boots that have a rubber sole and should also be waterproof without the need to add any special products to them.  On the practical side, you want snow boots that are easy to wash down after each wear with a simple rinse so leather or nylon features heavily.  On the style side, you might want to look for boots that have layers of faux sheepskin or other warm fabrics that add a stylish finish and help keep your feet warm.

Winter-ready your boots

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Winter Boots - 1

Of course, there’s nothing to say you have to opt for snow boots, especially if the snow is a little less severe in your area.  Instead, you can winter ready that stylish pair of boots you saw on to make them ready for the worst of the weather.

City crampons are one idea, a special rubber band that wraps around the sole of the shoes and has metal coils running along it.  They are ideal for dealing with icy conditions as the coils stick into the ice.  Or opt for sneaker boots that have great grip built into the style but look at the material of the upper show – leather or nylon are waterproof while other materials can let the wet in.  And wet feet are not a pleasant experience.

Driving during winter

You really don’t want to drive in snow boots as they are just too bulky.  So, look to have a lighter pair of boots that you can wear while driving that still have a good drip.  Smaller, narrower styles allow you plenty of feeling when driving while still keeping your feet warm and dry.  You can always pop the snow boots in the back of the car in case there’s an emergency and you need to walk a distance in the white stuff.

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