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Vodafone to acquire Spanish cable company ONO for $9.5B Dollars

The British telecom company Vodafone has agreed on acquiring Spanish cable company ONO for over $9.5B dollars two sources with " knowledge of the discussions" said on Friday. ONO provides telephone, television and internet to its more then 6 million users with 3.7 million services contracted. ONO was also one of the first companies to offer fiber optics in…

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How to remove bloatware

Best Bloatware Remover for Android – How to remove Android Bloatware

Bloatware is a serious Android Problem and removing it is even harder. Unfortunately there is not one specific Bloatware remover you can use to remove android bloatware, but combining apps and different methods should get the job done. What is bloatware? Bloatware is considered any pre-installed app for which you haven't given any permission to be installed…

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