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Lumia 520 is still the most popular Windows Phone

Even a year after it officially launched, the Nokia Lumia 520 is still the most popular Windows Phone among users with more then 33.7% of the global Windows Phone device market share, the king of Windows Phone has almost a 50% Windows Phone device market share in countries like Chile.

All though the Lumia 630 is getting closer to beat the 520 (and in some countries, it has already) the device that features just 512MB of RAM, a dual core CPU, 1430 mAh battery and 4 inch display has been the king since it launched in 2013, what makes it so appealing to many is the price of the device, starting at just $139.  Here is the market share of the Lumia 520

  • United States: 33.8 percent
  • Australia: 26.8 percent
  • Chile 43.4 percent
  • China: 9.8 percent (most popular: Lumia 920)
  • Mexico: 36.3 percent
  • Ireland: 46.4 percent
  • Germany: 17.1 percent
  • Italy: 29.8 percent
  • Netherlands: 20.2 percent
  • United Kingdom: 20.2 percent

What is you favorite Windows Phone device? Let us know!

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