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John McAfee releases new encrypted IM app Chadder

Founder of McAfee, John McAfee has just released a new instant messaging app called “Chadder” that similar to TPB’s the app allows users to chat securely over the web as all messages are encrypted.

The app which is available for free on Android and Windows Phone (it will become available on iOS in the next couple of weeks) your data on the servers is protected using “key server encryption technology” which allows only the recipient to read the message.

We have developed this highly secure system with an extraordinary  team of developers at the prestigious RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), Chadder is a fun and easy-to-use messaging app that happens to keep your communications private. So private that we can’t see it ourselves.

According to McAfee, Chadder is here to show that young people want privacy just as much as adults do. Do you use any encrypted IM service? Let us know!

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