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How bad is the Moto 360 battery life really?

If you are interested in smartwatches you might have read about the Moto 360 that all though it looks incredible has some battery issues. It has come to the point that people are not buying the round smartwatch from Motorola due to its poor battery life, but how bad is it really?

Currently the Moto 360 states on its website that the Battery in the smartwatch lasts “all day” but has a little “Mixed Use” tag behind it, generally “all day” means about 24 hours of battery life but most users don’t seem to get more then 6 to 8 hours out of it. It is also interesting to note that during that Motorola has mentioned “you might need to charge it twice a day” and they weren’t kidding. An interesting video to watch is the one from phonearena, in the video take a look at minute 2:45 you can see the battery is at 69% and at minute 7:19 it has dropped to 64% (that is 1% for every minute of use)


Also a great discussion worth reading regarding the bad battery life of the Moto 360 can be found here

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