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Flappy Bird for Android Wear APK download

2014 was the year of the smartwatch  and it seems like 2015 got off to a good start as the most addictive game to ever hit the Play Store is now available for Android wear, Flappy Bird. The game that became immensely popular before the creator Dong Nguyen removed the app.

Android dev Corbin Davenport which is also responsible for the Windows 95 port on the Samsung Gear has now managed to port Flappy Bird on Android Wear


Flappy Bird for Android wear APK Download

Flappy Bird for Android Wear

The app is currently not available on the Play Store which means it can only be installed by downloading the Flappy Bird Android Wear.apk file here (Direct Download Link). Installing the app isn’t that simple as you will need to sideload it, you can use this guide here to learn how to.

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